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Garden Hopscotch

Traditional Garden Games
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Many of us remember marking out hopscotch grids on the concrete with a bit of chalk, but never could really play it on the grass successfully.

The EVA foam hopscotch set allows you to do just that! Suitable for indoors or outdoors, it lets you play this traditional game - that can help little ones increase coordination, balance, and even counting - anywhere!

Set up this interlocking foam pieces, then throw the 'puck' and hop the number of spaces to reach it. But don't step on the lines or the wrong square or you'll lose your turn.

Easy game and enjoyable for all ages. The mat is waterproof, durable, and wipes clean.

Suitable for ages 3+

  • 10 Interlocking EVA foam board pieces
  • 10 Number inserts
  • Convenient storage box so you can neatly stow it away or take with you on your next adventure
  • Full instructions to be used as a guideline for your imagination
  • Everything you need for a fun-packed game of hopscotch