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Mars - Western Arabia Terra (Limited edition)

Margaritifer Terra & Schiaparelli
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Mapping an extent of the surface of Mars in our famous detail, this limited edition 1:4,000,000 map of the Red Planet is our first foray into intragalactic mapping.

This Western Arabia Terra map is a topographical basemap full of our intricate detail for an area on the surface of Mars that's similar in size to the USA. Showing a 3672x2721km extent (around 3.8m sq miles) of the Martian surface, this map of the Red Planet is our first foray in to intragalactic mapping.

Created by OS Cartographer Chris Wesson using NASA open data and made to a 1:4,000,000 scale, the one-off map was made to see if our style of mapping has potential for future Mars missions.

The easy-to-read map sheet measures 980 by 840mm and is flat so it's ideal for hanging on a wall or, if you've had enough of exploring Earth it's great for planning Martian adventures during the Summer holidays.