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The OS Maps voucher puts the complete set of 1:25 000 OS Explorer Maps, 1:50 000 OS Landranger Maps, National Park auto-routing, aerial photography and much, much more on all of your devices.

From finding and planning routes to printing them out and heading out exploring, it's the essential companion for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors.

Comes with fast, free UK delivery

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“Excellent but don't expect..... ”

‐ 12 November 2019

I prefer using a map and compass but have downloaded this tool when doing night navigation on the fells. It's been useful to see how close we are after a few legs of naving. Obviously this is only as good as the 4g in the area at the time but this isn't a Satmap, which I think some people thought it would be. These don't just work by GPS but need 4g.
Overall though OS a great tool at a great price.

“Bought at carfest, brilliant app”

‐ 04 November 2019

the app is a godsend. Had no idea it existed until Carfest where we saw a demo in the OS tent. It has loads of modes but most importantly OS maps as you'd expect! Great value for money and handy when we're out. Highly recommend.

“Never Get Lost Again”

‐ 04 November 2019

Absolutely brilliant OS App which as a keen walker my wife & I use all the time. While at home using WiFi select a map area & plot a route by just clicking around the tracks you wish to walk then download the map, to use the route off line saving you data & you’re ready go walking.
You can have an endless supply of UK Maps free on your mobile & with these the GPS Marker points to your location on the map & if you’re following the correct track / paths then it overlays your planned route so within twenty strides you’ll know if your heading off route.
Route information like Distance, Accents & any personal notes (which I have because I mostly plan my hikes from guide books), is giving at the time of planning & of course it saves all or any walks you wish to keep & all the information you want to enter, even when you’ve completed the walk as there’s an edit function, to amend any hiccups found while walking the route, as sometimes happen.
You can use just as a map by clicking the four corners of the area you’re planning to walk. This is done to download that area onto your mobile via WiFi again saving your mobile data usage!
An ideal present or purchase for any keen hiker or even the casual walker! Certainly they should give the Free Trial a spin!!

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