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Winchester's Lost King & Keats Walking Tour

Secret Stories by OS
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Explore Secret Stories Winchester's Lost King & Keats Tour, a self-guided interactive walking tour to enjoy whenever you want.

Discover hidden stories behind modern Winchester's peaceful facade. Expect coffin stealing convicts, a cathedral window smashed with bones, a nineteenth century Insta-poet and a Viking queen walking barefoot over molten metal!

Elsewhere, take on the Keats and Cloud Challenges, meet the Winchester women walking 300 miles for the vote and find out why the skeleton of Wessex's greatest king is missing. Discover which English queen was the world's first influencer, and take tea with a fiesty group of ladies, hell-bent on making their voices heard.

Total length: 3.6 miles; Suggested age range: 7+

Purchase this Tour (and more) in the Secret Stories App, available for free download from Android Play and Apple App store.

You'll find more details of the tour and what it contains in the app!

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Winchester's Lost King & Keats Walking Tour
Secret Stories by OS