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OS Go Explore Great Britain Game Rug

Here's some extra games you can play with your OS GO Explore Great Britain Game Rug.

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Hit the spot

Each player takes it in turn to pick a city. Using dice, stone or other item as a marker, both players stand at one end of the rug and attempt to get throw their marker so it lands as close as possible to the city.

The closest gets a point. Continue until one player reaches the target total.

Grid hunter

Along the edges of the map are symbols. Each grid square can be identified by a pair of symbols - one along the bottom, one up the side.

One person chooses a grid square and tells the players the two symbols. The first person to put their hand on the correct grid square wins the round. A great way to teach how gird references work even for younger children!


Agree a start point and end point for your epic adventure, with each player placing their market on the start city. Players take turns in throwing the dice. If the number matches one of the available roads, they can choose to take the road or stay where they are.

The first player to reach the end point is the winner! Here's a few suggested routes, but create your own based on your home town, holiday destination or just for a challenge.

  • The epic: Land's End to John o' Groats
  • The capitals: Edinburgh to London
  • Straight up: Southampton to Inverness
  • Coast to coast: Bangor to Great Yarmouth


One player is chosen to be 'lost', and secretly picks and named place on the map - not just the circled cities.

The other players can ask yes/no questions to identify where they are. The goal is to find them in 15 questions or less. For example:

  • It is on the coast?
  • Is it in Scotland?
  • Does it start with 'T'?

Why Stranraer?

Pick a place name on the map - for a bigger challenge, one person can pick the place, while the other has to respond.

Then, come up with a story about how that place got it's name. No points here, but after everyone has had a go, you can vote for your favourite, or which one is most believable.

Hard mode: look up where the place name really came from, and invent two additional stories. Everyone has to guess which they think is the true one. You get points for guessing the correct answer, and a point each person you trick into choosing the wrong answer.

Hop and jump

Pick a route by using city names or grid squares. Each player has to take turns jumping or hopping from point to point without missing or falling over.

Best for younger children - remember to take off shoes, clear any food and pin the rug down if possible.


Pick any two marked cities. Each player has to find the route with the lowest total road score by adding all the road values together. Remember the most direct route may not be the lowest scoring!

Set a time limit depending on how far apart the cities are and the players ages. Players shout out their score when the have it - the lowest score wins, but if two players have the same score the first person to shout out wins.

Great for practising mental additions!

Road trip!

One for younger children. Pick any two places and get them to trace the route, following the roads

Great for helping children learn about how places are related, especially during long car journeys where they can follow the route and know if you are 'nearly there yet!'

Find Corby

One player picks an named feature on the map. The first person to get their hand on it wins the round, and chooses the next place.

Got an idea for a game? Send it in to and we can add it to this page.