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You can also download the map sheet PDF for OS Explorer and OS Landranger maps of England, Wales & Scotland.


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OS Explorer maps

OS Explorer maps

OS Explorer Maps are ideal for walking, running, horse riding, off-road cycling and even kayaking and climbing.

They are at 1:25,000 scale, so every 4 cm on the map equals 1 km in the real world. They show the best detail including footpaths, rights of way, open access land and the vegetation on the land.

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OS Landranger maps

OS Landranger maps

OS Landranger maps are ideal for days when you are covering longer distances, especially if you are exploring by car or bike.

OS Landranger maps are at 1:50,000 scale, so 2 cm on the map equals 1 km in the real world. These maps cover a larger area than OS Explorer, but not in as much detail. You’ll still find footpaths, rights of way and some tourist information features on the map.

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OS Road maps

OS Road maps

Designed for the motorist or long-distance cyclist, these road maps show all of Britain in a set of eight 1:250,000 scale maps, small enough to fit easily in the glove compartment or bag. They show roads, towns and key features, and are an ideal way of planning longer journeys or as backup to SatNav devices.

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Tour maps

OS Tour maps

Designed specifically for holidays and days out, these maps show roads and key tourist features in the most popular areas of Britain, with scales adjusted to fit the whole area on one sheet.

They are ideal for planning trips in advance, or taking with you to help you find secret beaches and hidden landscapes.

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OS Maps digital mapping

OS Maps browser and phone app

OS Maps works on your computer, tablet or phone. Discover thousands of routes or plan your own, print maps at home and use while on the trail. Mapping includes Standard map, OS Explorer, OS Landranger, OS Road and aerial imagery and 3D aerial views.

Basic features are free, or upgrade to Premium for more maps and advanced features.

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Custom Made maps

Custom Made maps

Create your own map centred anywhere in OS Explorer or OS Landranger scales. Available flat for display or folded to fit in your rucksack, you can also add your own cover photo and title.

Custom Made maps are ideal where the area covers two or more standard maps, for gifts or as a memento or your last adventure.

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Historical maps

Historic maps

A range of reproduction and historical maps that are ideal for display, research or teaching. You can discover how both the landscape and man-made features have changed over time by comparing to current maps.

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