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The World - Eckert IV projection wall map

Ordnance Survey
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This is the OS wall map of The World in an Eckert IV projection. This projection is pseudocylindrical and equal-area. This means that the latitude lines are parallel and straight, while most meridians are curved. The scale is true along the parallel at 40:30 North and South. Countries are shown at an accurate size, but the shape of the countries will be distorted on this type of map. The scale is 1:36 900 000.

OS Wall maps are supplied flat, rolled in a tube for easy storage or display.

  • Write on, wipe off

    Write on, wipe off

    Write, scribble, & doodle with dry marker until your heart’s content. Our Wall Maps are perfect for plotting routes, marking where you’ve been, as well as a great educational tool

  • Varying Scales

    Varying Scales

    Our Wall Maps are for display purposes only, scales may vary and may not be 100% accurate

  • Perfect for schools & offices

    Perfect for schools & offices

    Perfect size & excellent detail, our wall maps are a great resource for offices and the classroom

  • Topographic mapping

    Topographic mapping

    Highly detailed contour mapping highlighting variations in terrain and everything you would expect from a map

The World - Eckert IV projection wall map
Ordnance Survey