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Map of Buxton & Matlock

Chesterfield, Bakewell & Dove Dale
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The Landranger map of Buxton & Matlock, including Chesterfield, Bakewell, and Dove Dale is a must-have for your next trip to the area. Landranger maps are perfect for extensive hikes, cycling, and driving holidays. Ideal for planning days out or extensive trips to this stunning area in the heart of the Peak District.

Walks in the picturesque countryside, spa breaks, shopping trips, and the arts are all on offer here. Other highlights include: The Peak District National Park, Buxton, River Derwnt, and High Tor.

Our Landranger maps come in standard or Weatherproof Active, you'll also receive a free download for your devices — making for a convenient companion.

Publication Date: 24/02/2016

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Map of Buxton & Matlock
Chesterfield, Bakewell & Dove Dale