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OS Water Bottle (650ml)

Ordnance Survey
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Quench your thirst with our handy Tritan water bottles, meaning it's BPA free!
This bottle is rubberised and holds up to 650ml of liquid, to stop you feeling parched on your walkabouts but still not being an uncomfortable amount of water to carry on your person.
The Tritan material is taint-resistant, so you can put your favourite squash and other soft drinks with no worries of tastes lingering.
This impressive bright orange bottle features a watertight screw-top with a flip top sipper and is decorated in our topographic mapping.

  • Impact resistant Tritan co-polyester
  • Does not retain tastes or odours
  • Watertight lid with drinking spout
  • Tactile rubberised finish
  • Measuring rubberised finish and mapping contours on the outside
  • Do not put in dishwasher; hand wash only
OS Water Bottle (650ml)
Ordnance Survey