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ST&G’s Craftily Conjured Folklore & Superstition Map

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Explore the most legendary map of Great Britain.
Our Isles are a bubbling cauldron of myth, legend, and barely believable but utterly fascinating fables. A land of marauding monsters and fiendish demons, where mythical beasts run amok and spooky spirits lurk behind every creaking door.
Get the lowdown on Britain’s bewitchingly tall tales with ST&G’s Craftily Conjured Folklore & Superstition Map. Discover 1,400 legendary locations oozing with mystery, peculiar details, and devilish delight.
Whether you’re looking for an other-worldly gift for a loved a one, or a ghoulish map to display in your home, don’t miss out on this fantastically mystifying map.

  •  Joyously busy with information

    Joyously busy with information

    Whether your interest is music, food, film, or adventure – find interesting factoids about your chosen topic from all over the Isles

  • Endless Inspiration

    Endless Inspiration

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    Top 50 Road Trips

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    Amazing places

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    Vaguely Useful Trivia

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    Entertaining Gifts

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ST&G’s Craftily Conjured Folklore & Superstition Map