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Young Explorers

Young Explorers Adventure Gear

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A World of Adventure

Trees with a signpost

Discovering Nature

With our inspiring range of educational toys & practical kits, you can make the most of the natural world. Discover wonders with our Green Science toys, learn about wind power and the science of bubbles. Get lost in outdoor excitement with our amazing Den Kits form the Den Kit Company, the experts in Dens.

Bug hunting

Getting Excited in the Familiar

Rediscover the world you know with Green Earth Learning. Take a scavenger hunt, learn about animal tracks and what’s under your feet at the beach. Fun to learn and discover what you may miss in a world that you feel so at home in.

Line of trees
Blowing bubbles
Trees with rocks

Fun For all ages

For big kids, small kids and not so much kids anymore. Explore a whole world of bugs, aquatic creatures, and birds with kits from University Games’ Flights of Fancy. Helping to inspire all ages to learn more about the globe

Camping in the woods

Discovering New Parts of the World

For the Globetrotting Grommets out there. Explore a range of Children’s maps aimed to inspire and inform about the world we live in. Discover the Old world and the New, with awesome illustrations, beautiful compositions, and information on people, the animal kingdom, and more!

reading in a shelter
Personalised map for a new home
Custom Made map for walking
Looking at flowers
Bottle rocket
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Kids adventure book

Kids Adventure book

This 256 page book created by the experts at Ordnance Survey will teach you all the skills you need, from understanding a map and using a compass to planning a trip and what to do in an emergency. There's advice on places to go, and lots of Top Tips and Fun Facts to find as well.

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Activity kits

Explore an array of activity kits, from the practical to the informative. A range of Den Kits helps you make the most of the outdoors in play and discovery, while our science-based kits help you learn about the world and how it works.

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Whittling sticks
Trees with a signpost

Woodland Exploration

Make the most of the outdoors with a range of products to help inspire outdoor exploration, and have you breathing in that fresh air for longer. Check out the amazing Den Kits, learn more about the world with Green Earth Learning, everything you need to have fun, learn more, and explore.

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Child walking in the woods
Scavenger hunt set

Educational Toys

Learn while playing. Explore a world of knowledge with our science-based toys, aimed to help you learn more and understand how the world works, all while having fun and making creations, from large bubbles to air rockets.

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Child recording rainfall
windmill power kit

Garden & Outdoor Games

Make the most out of the garden, or anywhere, with an array of garden games aimed specifically at young swashbuckling fun-seekers. Fun in your garden, at the park, the beach, or on a family picnic. Anywhere there’s grass and space there’s fun to be had.

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Children playing outdoors

Kids Maps

Explore a range of maps from Great Britain to the whole wide world, with quirky illustrations and fun little facts. Discover more about the world you live in, learn about local cuisine, cultures, the animal kingdom, and more!

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Checking the map
ST&G Map of Wonders